About me & the birth of Inspired Eye Photographics

I have a deeply entrenched love of photography stemming from my youth sharing in the love of memories with my grandmother.

The pull of an image always proved too difficult to pass & when my grandmother gave me my first camera at age 13, I was hooked.

I was always told by many I “have an eye” for capturing images, but life lead me down many paths before bringing me back to my roots & passion for photography.

When it comes to photography, this may or may not come across as a little biased, but I deeply believe, the art of capturing a moment in time is not only something we should do for our own personal memories, but also something which is held in extreme importance for recording the world, its beauty, how we progress, change... it is important to record our history in the making... think about it, unless something was captured with a camera or portrayed in a painting, we could have easily forgotten our past, both strengths and weaknesses... we would be a different world to what we are today. Images capture who we are, what we have achieved... moments we would most likely fail to remember. Like I said, I may be biased... but just think about that for a minute.

Over ten years on, the craft continues to amaze me, there is always so much to learn & explore.

My passion is a mix or traditional love for the craft & modern techniques to capture them.

I adore capturing weddings, it is truly such an honour to be invited into such a personal event, I shoot by feel as well as direction to ensure I capture what is happening, but never miss the magic.

I have been commissioned a lot in recent years for Corporate & Real Estate Images & also love to plan out the art of a Landscape shoot.

Whatever your need, I can provide the service for you. As a local on the Sunshine Coast for 7 years now, my passion remains with providing a reliable, professional & affordable service for all my clients.

We look forward to working with you in the future & helping you to “Capture life".